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Construction Update

Kickstarting 2020 with a few significant milestones, read below for the latest updates on each stage from the Gen Fyansford team.

February 2020 Update

For more detailed information on what each Construction Phase entails, click here.

Kickstarting 2020 with a few significant milestones, read below for the latest updates on each stage from the Gen Fyansford team.

Stage Status Expected Title Date
Horizon Release A & B Settled December 2019
Aura Release Settled February 2020
Sunset Release Settled February 2020
Eden Release A & B Civil Works November 2020
Grace Release A, B & C Civil Works November 2020
Pinnacle Release Site Establishment November 2020

Horizon A & B, Aura and Sunset Release

As previously reported in our last construction update, these stages have been completed with settlements beginning in late 2019 and into early 2020. We have now experienced 100% settlements and are proud to welcome our new members into the Gen Fyansford community. In more exciting news, we’re pleased to report home construction on some lots has already commenced. A terrific step forward!

Eden A & B and Grace A, B, & C

We are happy to report the bulk of earthworks is nearing completion for lots in these stages. Some minor earth moving remains to be completed but we are optimistic this will be finalised over the next few weeks. Following this, civil works will commence with major intersection construction set to commence in the near future.

Pinnacle Release

Following previous reports of unfortunate construction delays, we are pleased to announce we’re now expecting construction commencement any day! Moving purchasers one step closer to their dream home. For those who sadly missed out on the first highly sought-after lots in Pinnacle, we can also confidentially share a second stage of lots are expected to commence sales within the coming month. Interested parties should inquire with Brett Thompson at the Sales Centre. In other news, silos land owners Adelaide Brighton have announced the demolition of the silos due to their structural integrity. Like the wider Geelong community, we are sad to see them go but understand the reasons for public safety. Adelaide Brighton have assured us that the correct processes and approvals are in place and there will be no risk to human health during the removal process. Unfortunately Gen Fyansford is not involved in this process and cannot provide anymore information. Anybody looking for further information should contact Adelaide Brighton directly.

Quarry Rehabilitation

As a quick note, we’d like to remind all Gen Fyansford purchasers about upcoming works regarding the quarry rehabilitation. A separate post was uploaded regarding the works, which is available for access here.

Check out our latest construction time lapse video below for a glimpse into the progress we made over January 2020!

From start to finish, construction & approvals
During construction, there are many stages that need to be completed, not all of them visible on site. Behind the scenes, we work with a range of consultants and contractors to co-ordinate planning, approvals and audits to see your stage progress to issue of titles.

The chart below includes, but not limited to, the stages in construction that you may see mentioned in your updates and the email notifications that will be sent to you in preparation for settlement.

1 Construction Approval

Council and other authorities give approval to detailed plans to enable works to commence on site.

2 Site Establishment

Earthmoving machinery do a site scrape, levelling the land and preparing the site for surveying and trenches to be dug for services.

3 Civil Works

Drainage, gas, water and sewer construction followed by road, pavement and kerb works. The final stage is the laying the electrical and optic fibre cables.

4 Practical Completion

Council inspection to confirm all works are complete.

5 Authority Audits Conducted

Following practical completion, the stage must be inspected by a range of authorities (water, gas, power etc) before Council can issue a Statement of Compliance.

6 Title Issue Lodged

Stage Lodged at the Titles Office once a Statement of Compliance has been issued, the stage can be lodged at the Titles Office for registration.

7 Plan Registered (Titles Issued)

With titles formally issued each lot is now registered as an individual property and available to be transferred to the new owner at Settlement. Our legal team will contact your conveyancer to arrange settlement which is due 14 days from the issue of titles.

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