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June 2022 Construction Update


June 2022 Update

Stage Status Expected Title Date
Stage 3.1 West Civil Works August 2022
Stage 3.2 West Earthworks November 2022
Stage 3.3 West Early Works February 2023
Stage 3.4 West Early Works July 2023

STAGE 3.1 AND 3.2

After many years of dedicated work to make Gen Fyansford’s former quarry a prime location to build your dream home and raise a family, we are thrilled to share that Stage 3.1 Civil Works are well underway with kerb and channel laid down. Footpaths and roads at also 70% complete and nearly finished. Currently, we are on target for construction to be completed in early July 2022 and Settlements to be triggered in mid to late August 2022. Nearby, Stage 3.2 Civil Works have unfortunately fallen slightly behind, but rest assured, the site team is doing all they can to catch these works back up. Construction completion for Stage 3.2 is anticipated in October 2022.

STAGE 3.3 AND 3.4

After launching the highly sought-after quarry floor Stages 3.3 and 3.4, the Gen Fyansford team began working diligently to ensure construction works commenced and remained on track. We are happy to report Stage 3.3 Earthworks are well ahead of schedule with Civil Works commencing in August. Construction completion and Titles are anticipated for the first quarter of 2023. Due to the significant cut and fill works required for Stage 3.4, the Earthworks program for this stage is considerably longer. Civil works are expected to commence at the start of 2023 with construction completion in mid-2023.


Keen to build your dream home but not sure where to start? Drop by our Sales Centre at 6 Dell Boulevard, Fyansford between Saturday – Wednesday 12pm and 5pm where our team of experts will happily listen to your specific needs and tailor match you to the perfect lot! Email today to make an appointment.

Time Lapse Video

Check out our latest construction timelapse video below for a glimpse into the progress we have made throughout the entire estate!

From start to finish, construction & approvals

During construction, there are many stages that need to be completed, not all of them visible on site. Behind the scenes, we work with a range of consultants and contractors to co-ordinate planning, approvals and audits to see your stage progress to issue of titles.

The chart below includes, but not limited to, the stages in construction that you may see mentioned in your updates and the email notifications that will be sent to you in preparation for settlement.

1 Construction Approval

Council and other authorities give approval to detailed plans to enable works to commence on site.

2 Site Establishment

Earthmoving machinery do a site scrape, levelling the land and preparing the site for surveying and trenches to be dug for services.

3 Civil Works

Drainage, gas, water and sewer construction followed by road, pavement and kerb works. The final stage is the laying the electrical and optic fibre cables.

4 Practical Completion

Council inspection to confirm all works are complete.

5 Authority Audits Conducted

Following practical completion, the stage must be inspected by a range of authorities (water, gas, power etc) before Council can issue a Statement of Compliance.

6 Title Issue Lodged

Stage Lodged at the Titles Office once a Statement of Compliance has been issued, the stage can be lodged at the Titles Office for registration.

7 Plan Registered (Titles Issued)

With titles formally issued each lot is now registered as an individual property and available to be transferred to the new owner at Settlement. Our legal team will contact your conveyancer to arrange settlement which is due 14 days from the issue of titles.

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