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Gen Fyansford Settlement Guide

Learn about the steps between signing your contract and settling on your new home

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Purchasing a property can be tricky, regardless of if you are a first home buyer or seasoned investor.

There are many steps between when you first sign your contract and ultimately settle on your property that can cause confusion as to what you should be doing at key milestones along the way.

At Gen Fyansford, we pride ourselves on delivering exemplary customer service, which is why we have put together a short Settlement Guide to assist you throughout the process!

Download your copy of the Gen Fyansford Settlement Guide

A friendly reminder our team of experts are always willing and able to answer any of your settlement questions or anything else relating to the Gen Fyansford estate.
You can contact us by emailing anytime or by calling 1300 392 673 between Saturdays – Wednesdays 12pm – 5pm.


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