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Happy New Year to all our residents!

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What's on in January

Happy New Year to all our Gen Fyansford residents and friendly neighbours! Hopefully you found many fun things to enjoy over the Christmas break, but if you still need a few tips and tricks to keep yourself occupied, look no further than our latest round up of all the wonderful things to explore in the Gen Fyansford area this January!

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Adventure Park’s Festival of Lights

Only a short drive from Gen Fyansford is Adventure Park’s 1.5km trail of dazzling lights this January. Follow the glow and discover a wonderland of 2 million light trails, glistening paths, bridges, and displays. Open from Friday 8 January – Friday 23 January, make sure you get in quick!

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Geelong’s floating Christmas tree sound and light show

If you haven’t yet had a chance to admire Geelong’s annual tradition of displaying a Christmas tree on the waterfront, visit before it disappears after Saturday 16 January! View the city’s iconic Christmas tree from home here or witness its spectacular lights in person with social distancing and masks in place. The Floating Christmas Tree sound and light show will be staged each night from 8:30pm – midnight playing every 15 minutes.

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How Geelong Works

Grab the family or a few friends and discover how Geelong works! Collect an exclusive James Gulliver Hancock map and clues to uncover surprising details about the design of our great city, Geelong. Find key sites around the city centre by following the clues and collect features to add to your map along the way. Maps can be collected from the National Wool Museum or Visitor Centres in Central Geelong. This event ends after Tuesday 26 January.

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Summer in the Gardens

Keen to learn more about Geelong’s natural beauty? Or are you already a flower enthusiast looking to connect with others who share your interest? Then the Geelong Botanic Gardens ‘Summer in the Gardens’ event series is for you! These tours are the perfect opportunity to learn about all the flowers, plants, seeds, and insects that live in Geelong’s stunning Botanic Garden whilst getting out and indulging in our beautiful summer weather. Bookings are essential and can be made here.



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